Juzo Silver Sole Below Ankle

Juzo Silver Sole Below Ankle

Juzo Silver Sole Ankle

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Juzo Silver Sole Ankle

JUZO Silver Sole Ankle

Support Hose Plus is proud to offer Juzo Silver Sole Ankle. They feature an antimicrobial, pillowed sole for added comfort, protection, and odor reduction. They are ideal for diabetics and those who want to pamper their feet. Juzo® Silver Sole is made with X-STATIC® silver fibers which allow Silver Sole to naturally and safely eliminate common bacteria and fungi. Plus with our special pillowed sole protection you can walk for miles and your feet will feel great.

Product Features

  • Silver knitted for antibacterial protection & odor reduction
  • Low Cut ( anklet length)
  • Pillowed sole adds cushion to reduce blistering and callous buildup
  • Channeled toe seam, reduces toe irritation
  • Mild compression in the foot and ankle
  • Closed Toe
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